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I should likely be sleeping. Virility pills $162.00   instead, i sit on my porch, staring out into a sky of murky gray and sudden shots of piercingly brilliant blue.   The storm proper hasn't moved in quite yet, so most of the lightning is hidden by the building against which I lean. Each staccato flash lights up the whole of the night sky, a neon sheen that makes this countryside home seem more akin to a bustling downtown metropolis. Those few questing bolts that reach my vision, seen from the corner of my eye, stretch from cloud to cloud, a phantasmal bridge linking horizon to horizon. The air is deadly still, hot and dry. The slightest sounds are magnified, trapped betwixt foundation and firmament. The earliest stirring automobiles whisper their engine noises from roads miles off.   The storm moves on virility pills $162.00, content to leave the sleeping to their nighttime rest, content to spend its fury on brilliance of light and shadow. The distant rumble of thunder is felt rather than heard, a shudder rolling across the ground and into the pit of your gut. And the smell. . .   Not the true virility pills $162.00 smell of rain;  not yet.   The smell is the promise of churned mud and unearthed worms.   Of steaming cement and rubber boots.   It hints at hot cocoa around the heating vent and cinnamon in the kitchen.   Memories spring to life, called forth by the slightest brush on the delicate sense. Soon, the rain will come, and this haunting moment will be washed clean along with the dust of a long summer's living. But for the moment, [virility pills $162.00] I sit in awe, unable to sleep, unable to look away.

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