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Spellskite: A Judge's least favorite new card. There have been some common questions about how exactly the works. Let's run down a few hypothetical examples. Your opponent casts Arc Trail, aiming one damage at your Lotus Cobra and two damage at your Fauna Shaman. What Spellskite can do: It can take some damage from the Arc Trail, saving either Fauna Shaman or Lotus Cobra. What Spellskite can’t do: Take all the damage from Arc Trail, saving both creatures. Arc Trail targets one creature/player and another creature/player. Spellskite can’t be both. Your opponent casts an Inferno Titan, choosing to deal one damage to each of your three Squadron Hawks. What Spellskite can do: Save one Squadron Hawk What Spellskite can’t do: Save more than one. Even though the Inferno Titan’s ability could have originally targeted just one hawk, Spellskite can’t change the number of targets that an already existing ability has. Your opponent activates Hex Parasite, x is three, targeting your Jace the Mind Sculptor. What Spellskite can do: Spellskite can jump in the way, making sure that Jace doesn’t lose any counters. What Spellskite can’t do: Choose how many counters get removed. If Spellskite is a 0/1 from infect damage, the opponent will still get to decide whether or not to remove those -1/-1 counters. Your opponent casts a Splinter Twin on a Deceiver Exarch, and proceeds to make a ton of dudes. What Spellskite can do: Spellskite can steal the Splinter Twin as it’s being cast, because Auras are targeted spells. Spellskite can also jump in the way of the last Deceiver copy’s attempt to tap your Palace Gaurd, which is currently saving your ass. What Spellskite can’t do: Jump in the way of a copy’s untap ability, since it specifies a permanent controlled by the opponent, which Spellskite is not. Your opponent equips casts Go For The Throat vigora 50mg pills $63.00, targeting your Squadron Hawk. What Spellskite can do: Spellskite can activate, targeting the Go For The Throat, paying blue or two life. What Spellskite can’t do Actually change the target of Go For The Throat. Spellskite is an Artifact Creature, which means it doesn’t have a throat, and is therefore not a legal target for Go For The Throat. A spell or ability can only be redirected to a new target if that new target is legal. You’ve got a Spellskite wearing a Sword of Body and Mind. Your opponent uses Jace the Mind Sculptor to return your Squadron Hawk your hand. What Spellskite can do: Spellskite can activate, targeting Jace’s ability, paying blue or two life. What Spellskite can’t do But just like with the Go For The Throat, Spellskite is not a legal target for Jace’s ability (he has Protection from Blue from the Sword), and so the Sqaudron Hawk will still fly away. You have a Spellskite out. Your opponent casts and activates a Mindslaver, targeting you. What Spellskite can do: Spellskite can activate, targeting the Mindslaver ability, paying blue or two life. It doesn’t matter that Spellskite isn’t a player, just that there is an ability on the stack What Spellskite can’t do Actually wear the Mindslaver. The target of the ability remains you. Your same opponent now takes your turn. What Spellskite can do: Redirect one Lightning Bolt to it several times, paying two life each time. (That’s your life, remember, not your opponent’s). What Spellskite can’t do Activate if you’re at 1 life. Phyrexian mana can only be paid in increments of two, which means that an odd life total will prevent your opponent from killing you vigora 50mg pills $63.00 right out with this interaction. Activate if there are no abilities on the stack. Spellskite’s ability itself targets, and so you (or in this case your opponent wearing a you-suit) can’t activate it if the stack is empty. Hopefully, you're now a little better prepared to play with and against Spellskite this weekend.  Ignorance of the rules is no excuse when it comes to playing in a competitive event. For example, if you throw out “Pay 6 life, redirect all of Inferno Titan’s damage to Spellskite, ” [vigora 50mg pills $63.00] you’d best belive that you’ll be losing six life and two Squadron Hawks. There will be no take-backs, do-overs, or mercy. If you feel like you're not sure what the right thing to say is, or want to double check an interaction, call a judge. Vigora 50mg pills $63.00 that's what they're there for.  I'll laugh at you for it, but I promise that they won't.

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