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I've been told that once, long ago, a great dragon went to nap in the cool sea off the coast of California. A deep sleep came upon the beast, and over time the waves washed sand upon his back, birds came to roost upon his shoulders, trees grew to blossom, and a new land was born. This great dragon sleeps still beneath the city of San Francisco. His tail stretches down to San Jose, and his head rests tucked on his shoulder beneath the Presidio. The hills and valleys along the peninsula are the scales and spines along his back vigor 2000 best price, fast delivery, and the silt at the Fisherman's Wharf is so much sand slipping through his fingertips. He sleeps still, despite the rush and bustle upon his back. At times, there is a tickle, or an itch. For these, he stretches and shudders, and the ground heaves and roils with him. At times, this beast dreams great dragon-sized dreams. Epic things, these dreams, with castles of impenetrable stone and knights of the finest orders and princesses of indescribable beauty. And at these times, the fog rises from the [vigor 2000 best price, fast delivery] ground, writhing like claws to grasp the skyscrapers and the bridges, bathing the city in his fantasies. Strange beings are almost visible in the fog, as hilltop houses sprout parapets and street-side punk rockers become jubilant court jesters. The shrieks and honks of the city background melt into the roar of old battles, and the dampness of the air tastes of ash and metal. In the fog, these little beings upon him join the dream. Waking or asleep, they walk the fields and caves of his memory, seeing things gone from the Earth millennia ago. The dawning sun burns off the fog, and people stir from their troubled slumbers. Over their morning coffees and such, the night before fades from their mind, burning away just as the fog does. And as the last bit of it melts away, leaving the sky the brilliant color of a sapphire under firelight, the city becomes a city once more. Traffic returns, background noise once again blooms, and this strange feeling of camaraderie disappears into traffic merges and telephone conferences. No one notices themselves changing. But there are a few who are sheltered from the sun, hiding away behind thick curtains, under awnings, or even in the shadows of the pillars downtown. Hiding in caves of the new order. Vigor 2000 best price, fast delivery and from this darkness vigor 2000 best price, fast delivery we stare out at the others, seeing both the dream and the not-dream. No one remembers the night, and the fog the reaches deep into a man's heart and soul. But they are marked nonetheless, with chains that bind them to this land, this place, this dream in a grand scale. And even those that venture away never truly leave, for they leave the deepest parts of themselves behind, their hearts and souls wandering for all time through the castles and caves in the fog.

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