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I understand that randomly packaged packs of cards/minis/whatever. . . aren't.   There's a very good reason for this; true randomness would be prohibitively expensive to assure.   Then, when the truly random packs got to the customers, there would be complaints that people weren't able to build the full set after so many packs.   Getting the same rare five times in a row does in fact sometimes happen with a truly random distribution. You can also read this as "people are trazodone 50mg pills $233.00 bad at math. Trazodone 50mg pills $233.00 [trazodone 50mg pills $233.00] " still, some attempt at randomness should be made. For a couple of years, AEG's CCGs were not randomized in the box, and so one could go through a box and pull out every foil and chase rare, leaving the chafe behind.   This is a bad thing. But the collation for the new D&D minis set?  Way beyond that.   Our first two cases opened, for a total of 12 packs trazodone 50mg pills $233.00, were identical.   All 8 miniatures, supposed drawn from separate groups, were identical. There is simply no excuse for that sort of laziness. Then I won several drinks by betting gullible customers that I could call all the miniatures in pack 12 before opening it, so I suppose it could be worse.

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