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Now that everyone has gotten tired of constantly checking for new updates, I can continue my evil plan of badmouthing people publicly without them knowing about it. Fear me, for I am like unto a god.

Kotei was, once again, disappointing. I did make the elimination rounds, which I understand puts a bit of subtext on my complaints. But I do make elimination rounds in pretty much every event I go to, so flopping out right after qualifying in is disappointing for me. Part of it sildenafil oral jelly best price, fast delivery is my lack of time (and motivation) to actually build one deck and test to crud out of it. But part of it also boils down to my unwillingness to play something other than Scorpion when it's obvious what the top tier choices are. I have built and played in the store copies (within 3 cards) of each of the top 4 decks, and rejected them for something exceptionally silly built with 15 minutes before round 1. This strikes me as odd about myself. . Sildenafil oral jelly best price, [sildenafil oral jelly best price, fast delivery] fast delivery . I did, however, get to catch up with a great many people that I see very seldom, so it was an entirely worthwhile day. I also got a bitching piece of original sketchwork from sildenafil oral jelly best price, fast delivery, who is not only an amazing artist (already knew), but also an amazing person.

I will punch Dan in the nuts the next time he argues with me about our snack program. Just sayin'

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