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For a few years, my store ran a 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons megagame set in Waterdeep. For those not in the know, a megagame is like taking several smaller games, each with about five people, putting them all in a blender, and making a delicious gaming smoothie. Instead of a handful of people saving the world, something that can get old after a lifetime of gaming and fantasy novels, a megagame starts to resemble a real life for the in-game characters. The ultimate draw of participating in such a game is interaction. Even if your Saturday-night-regular hero of legend has travelled across the face of an entire planet, you've personally still only dealt with a few other people. After a certain point, things get predictable. In a megagame, though, you're dealing with forty, fifty, sixty other people at any one time. Their actions impact your game, and they are not predictable. Sometimes you can't even interact with another player personally,  but their character and his actions are still being felt by you and yours. With so many people playing in a single game, some work needed to be done on the rules.   Fortunately, we had a pretty crack staff to do so.   Rules were added for the cost of living, room, board, and the like.   The rules for business were rewritten to better reflect an actual bustling city.   Everything that could be done was done to keep the city and the game going, independant of who sat down to play. is a bustling city in the Forgotten Realms, a trade point of some renown, and is home to some 130, 000 souls, as well as Undermountain neurontin 600mg pills $310.00, potentially the most dangerous dungeon in all Faerûn.   Adventurers and hopefuls of all ages and races would make the trek to the city to prove their worth, make a name for themselves, and maybe make some money.   A pretty sweet setup for a game that would neurontin 600mg pills $310.00 have players entering and exiting on a regular basis. For the most part, things worked.   Part of this was because of expert care on the part of the staff and DMs.   Part of it was because people honestly tried to have fun, and those who aimed to be shmucks were shunned byt the rest of the group.   And partly is was because something broken at a table with three other players isn't nearly as broken at a table with thirty other players.   But it's usually just as entertaining. This is one tale from that game. Orgosh was trying to find a place in the world.   Half orc, half human, he fit well in neither community.   So, like any self respecting outcast does, [neurontin 600mg pills $310.00] he set off to find his fate.   He signed on as a guard for a merchant caravan, and began making a living by making wild beasties bleed. Neurontin 600mg pills $310.00   as time went on, orgosh began to grow fond of this new community he fallen into.   He made friends.   Perhaps the closest friend he made was the cook, an old human ex-guard who was short both an arm and a leg from a run in with bandits.   With him, Orgosh discovered that he loved to cook. Although he used his muscles to make his way in the word, Orgosh was not dim-witted.   As he learned well spices and flavors and such, a plan grew in his head.   He didn't need to risk his life for fame; no, he could face down the flame of a stove far more easily than the flame of a dragon, and for as much reward.   He saved and planned for the day that he would open his own restaurant in some far off city. En route ro Waterdeep, carrying several carts full of exotic woven rugs, Orgosh's caravan was set upon by at night by a ravenous Pyrohydra.   With the benefit of surprise, much of the caravan was consumed before a proper defense was mounted.   But the beast was finally put down, sliced and stabbed and frozen, weak and ready for the killing blow.   Yet as Orgosh raised his sword above his head, about to cleave downward, the faintest hint of a scent reached his nose.   He inhaled deeply, and smelled the most delectable thing of his entire life.   His plan fell together at this moment, a thing of perfect beauty, as he called for ropes and chains. Orgosh's Delicatessen sits just outside the walls of Waterdeep, as he was simply unable to recieve the permits to open inside the city proper.   But it's well worth the trip to dine there.   The front is unassuming, simple paint on a wooden building.   The back porch is where the action is.   Here, trained cooks slice heads from a roped and caged hyrda, bring them to your table still warm and wriggling, and cook them in front of you to your taste.   While you're dining, feel free to watch the chained beast fight its handlers.   If you're lucky, you might even be lucky enough to see one get mauled to death, or perhaps charred by the Hydra's flaming breath.   Dinner, and a show, Waterdeep style. Orgosh is retired now, and is quite wealthy.   Not only was he able to open a restaurant with an entirely unique angle, ensuring that he would have a bustling crowd of cutomers even in as exotic a place as Waterdeep, but he was able to do it all without having to buy any meat to serve.

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