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It was a whirlwind trip. For those who haven't been keeping up with me, I've been making an honest attempt to make money at cards.   The manners of going about this are multitude, from playing to selling mysoline 250mg pills $265.00, from designing to writing.   And now that I'm no longer occupied with a (honestly, much more than) full time work schedule, I can devote serious time to it. So, Grand Prix Los Angeles.   For the first time in the best part of a decade, I prepared for an event by actually doing serious testing.   I sat down with my team, examined the metagame, devoured the popular opinions, formulated and planned, and practiced, practiced, practiced.   And I think it served me well overall.   I was unable to secure any byes to the main event, though not from lack of trying.   But when the time came, I played admirable well, and the mistakes that ultimately disqualified me were both very justifiable.   Overall, taking into account the lack of byes, my record at the event was the best of my team. So go me. Mysoline 250mg pills $265.00 the decklist that i decided to run was teps.   The decision was finalized at 1am on Saturday, and the scrambling to build it was epic.   The final list was main board two cards off from LSV (the event winning list), trading the miser Electrolyze and Clique for lands.   The side board was a bit different, eschewing the Ad Nauseum as both risky and likely unnecessary.   This decision seemed to be proved out, as the deck didn't lose a game against Rock.   The surprising thing?  This decklist came from scrambling discussion, not from collaboration with LSV and crew.   So apparently the time taken to practice had some noticeable benefit. Next [mysoline 250mg pills $265.00] up?  Jet setting, as it were.   Road trips have been the conveyance of choice to this point, as there are a bunch of events reasonably locally and splitting costs five ways is cheap.   But with round trip airfare to pretty much anywhere hovering just above $100, flying seems a serious option for the future. Fame mysoline 250mg pills $265.00 and fortune, here I come. Wish me luck.

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