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"Yeah, of course they're in mint condition. Myambutol 1000mg pills $180.00 " "yeah, they're like a couple decades old. " "What, you're too good for my collection?" "I took real good care of them. " "Yeah, I've got a Spiderman #1 at home. You interested in that?" "What do you mean you won't pay that? That's what the book says they're worth. I want my fucking money!" "Fuck You!" "Go to Hell!" "Eat Shit!" "I'm just looking for a few bucks to buy gifts for the holiday. . . . Yeah, myambutol 1000mg pills $180.00 well fuck you!"

I'm starting to notice a bit of a trend. It's actually easier than it sounds, since people looking to sell tend to come in in rather large clumps. I don't think that I've been any more vitriolous than usual towards them, so I'd guess that the holiday season really does bring out the worst in people. The important thing to remember is that you are running a store myambutol 1000mg pills $180.00, not running a charity. People don't look to sell quality product any more; there's Ebay for that. No, people [myambutol 1000mg pills $180.00] are looking for handouts, and you simply cannot give it to them and still expect to remain in business.

Still makes me feel a bit bad, though.

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