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After a long and fitful week of 3am pack cracking in a failed attempt at defeating insomnia macrobid 10mg pills $81.00, followed by two days of frantic pre releasing on MTGO, you show up the the local PTQ. You're the second to last person allowed to register before attendance is capped, leaving the thirty or so people behind you swearing and throwing rotten fruit at you as security tazes them out of the store. You sit down to register, and the mysterious gentleman across from you smirks knowingly from under the shadow of his hooded cloak as he hands you the stack of 84 cards you'll be playing with, before disappearing by dissolving into a wispy fog through which you catch a glimpse of the night sky. Macrobid 10mg pills $81.00 looking down, you see a foil bident of thassa gleaming like a rainbow under the harsh fluorescent store lightning. When a macrobid 10mg pills $81.00 judge comes to ask what happened to the person across from you, you speculate out loud that he must have opened a foil Elspeth and chosen to drop before you eagerly get down to building. Here's your pool. How do you build it? (The author's list will be posted at the end of the event. ) [cardlist] 2 Battlewise Valor Decorated Griffin 2 Divine Verdict Epharas Warden Evangel of Heliod Gift of Immortality Glare of Heresy Gods Willing Heliods Emissary Hopeful Eidolon 2 Last Breath Ray of Dissolution Setessan Battle-Priest Scholar of Athreos 2 Silent Artisan Traveling Philosopher Vanquish the Foul Wingsteed Rider 2 Bident of [macrobid 10mg pills $81.00] Thassa Crackling Triton Gainsay 4 Griptide Meletis Charlatan 2 Nimbus Naiad Prescient Sphinx Sealock Monster Thassas Emissary 2 Triton Shorethief Voyages End 2 Wavecrash Triton Asphodel Wanderer Blood-Toll Harpy Disciple of Phenax Fleshmad Steed Gray Merchant of Asphodel Returned Phalanx 2 Scourgemark Sip of Hemlock Vipers Kiss Borderland Minotaur Deathbellow Raider Demolish Hammer of Purphoros Ill-Tempered Cyclops Magma Jet Messengers Speed Ordeal of Purphoros Purphoross Emissary 3 Spark Jolt Titans Strength Two-Headed Cerberus Wild Celebrants Artisans Sorrow Commune with the Gods Karametras Acolyte Nessian Asp Ordeal of Nylea Satyr Hedonist Staunch-Hearted Warrior Sylvan Caryatid Time to Feed Warriors Lesson Bronze Sable 2 Guardians of Meletis Opaline Unicorn Destructive Revelry Kragma Warcaller Medomai the Ageless Sentry of the Underworld [/cardlist]

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