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I've been going through the process of patent applications. For those who've never done it, it's actually pretty interesting. Or boring. I can't decide which. It's gotten me to thinking about the nature of invention and progress. First off, invention is not discovery, [lotrisone cream in 7gr tube $132.00] or any derivation thereof. Sure, the two are related, but you're lotrisone cream in 7gr tube $132.00 technically related to a baboon. Discovery is the act of translating a fundamental law of existence into a language comprehensible by us, English or Mathematics or something else. Discovery is a method of prediction; with the knowledge now granted, one can derive what will be from what is. The problem with discovery is that it doesn't let you change anything. It exists purely as knowledge. Invention is that which lets you take that same knowledge and use it for something worthwhile. Invention gives you the tools to change the world around you. Lotrisone cream in 7gr tube $132.00 there are innumerable inventions that have changed the world. The sailing ship, the steam engine, the airplane, the space shuttle. The marketplace, currency, banking, compound interest. Books, the telegraph, the telephone, the internet. But you know what really impresses me recently? The little things, no matter how inane. A couple of downtowns here in Sonoma County have automated crosswalks; whenever a person walks into it, they trip a beam that sets hazard lights embedded in the road flashing lotrisone cream in 7gr tube $132.00, without any button pressing or active action on the pedestrian's part. Can you conceive of the thought process that went into making such a thing? The ability for a person to take a mountain of little discoveries about how people interact with the concept of a crosswalk, and then use that to fundamentally change what will happen in the future? Sure, it's not glamorous, but it is world-changing.

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