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In my ignorance, I had assumed that the etiquette for relieving oneself was a sort of universal constant, or at least a constant among those cultures which are reasonably similar to mine (and have urinals. . . ). I believed that I could walk into a men's room in any given town and know the protocol. To wit: Walk up to the device. Do not make eye contact. Do not make idle conversation. Do not compare yourself against your neighbor. In fact, do not make any sort of interaction whatsoever. Only after washing hands and beginning towards the exit is interaction acceptable. I have never had this protocol been violated before now. To those of you who don't use urinals, it may seem a bit cold and distant. This is intentional. This is the old fashioned, dare is say noble, manner of ignoring things. It's not that we pretend not to see it, or even pretend to ignore it. We simply say nothing about it, to spare both parties the keflex 750mg pills $191.00 awkwardness that might result. It is, in point of fact, a classy way or keflex 750mg pills $191.00, pardon the pun, doing business. This week, I'm handling tech support for a Sales Meeting. The attendees are the current day version of door-to-door vacuum salesmen, each covering their own region and pounding the pavement to make a sale. This means that they tend to be local folk, it being much easier to sell to someone you grew up with. Keflex [keflex 750mg pills $191.00] 750mg pills $191.00 this, in turn, means that a lot of local flavor, traditions, accents, etc. get brought along for the ride. This is not my first such meeting, so I'm expecting this sort of thing. What I'm not expecting is to walk up to a urinal, and have my neighbor begin chin-wagging at me, asking me how the day is going, how'd I like breakfast, and so on. Eye contact, conversation, and I think there may have even been a little bit of the comparing going on. I froze mid stream. I was honestly that shocked. My friendly neighbor had some advice for that too. *sheesh*

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