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It's time for You Make the Play! (. . . play. . . play. . . play. . . ) You're in a PTQ top 8 draft. You've put together a fairly aggressive Red White aggro deck, while your opponent has picked up every Werewolf at the table, along with multiple copies of support cards like Moonmist and Full Moon's Rise. Going into game three keeping a hardon best price, fast delivery, you've mulliganed once and he kept his seven. You led off with a great start for six; an Avacyn Priest on turn two, and a Voiceless Spirit on Turn 3, off of two Plains and a Mountain, 3 out of the 17 lands in your deck. Your hand is a Brimstone Volley, a Smite the Monsterous, and a second Voiceless Spirit. Your opponent meanwhile has played two Forests and a Mountain, a Full Moon's Rise on turn two, and a Daybreak Ranger on turn 3. Your draw for your fourth turn is a Rally the Peasants. What do you do? Feel free to discuss and ask questions. I'll post what I feel the best play is in 24 hours.   Update: My line of play. You're the aggressor in this matchup, but not by much. The opponent is a turn or two slower, but his creatures are on the whole much much bigger than yours. Your game plan starting off is to kill him before he can leverage that advantage. Once the Ranger hits the field, that changes. Your game plan is now singularly to deal with the Ranger, as it straight kills one of your creatures a turn. Were your creatures in the current state non flyers, you could consider racing; playing a third creature this turn forces your opponent to cast nothing on his turn to gain value from Ranger. You're betting against him having instant removal in addition to the fight on your next turn, but with Rally the Peasants it might be a worthwhile bet. Your creatures *are* fliers though, which lets the opponent straight up kill one and still develop on his turn. Worse, if you play your only other creature your opponent will be able to kill that without flipping as well. First things first, we attack with both of our keeping a hardon best price, fast delivery creatures.  We're hoping here that the opponent will block the Priest with his Ranger, which will let trade Rally the Peasants and Priest [keeping a hardon best price, fast delivery] for his Full Moon's Rise and an extra two damage. This isn't an advantage play, since we are burning a card and a half (Flashback on the Rally is relevant here) for just one of his, but it's one of his we need to get rid of. We're expecting however that he doesn't block at all. Moment of Heroism is a great play from us to pump Priest, and we're obviously representing it by attacking. Keeping a hardon best price, fast delivery whether of not the opponent thinks that we're bluffing, it's smarter for him to not block and optimize the removal options on his ranger. Having gotten in for that extra point of damage, we'll pass through to the opponent's upkeep. With his Ranger's flip trigger on the stack, we'll Brimstone Volley it, expecting him to kill a Voiceless Spirit in response and sacrifice the Full Moon's Rise to regenerate the Ranger. (If we're lucky, our opponent might forget that regenerate taps the creature and make an error, but we can't play to that). After that, the Ranger will flip. We want to make sure that the Ranger does actually flip, because that gives us the best chance of actually removing it. If we draw live to a land, then a Smite the Monstrous on our turn kills the Ranger straight up, leaving us down three cards to his two. That's a pretty good result from facing down Ranger. If we do not draw live, or if the opponent has some way to prevent our Smite the Monstrous (such as hexproofing his man), we still have the option later on of using Rally the Peasants to kill the Ranger off of his own Fight ability. If Ranger did not flip, that he could continue to pick off our fliers without any risk to himself. Feel free to tell me how I'm wrong.

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