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(From UpAndComing teammate Joe McGough:) This was, without a doubt, the best States ever, for me at least. Not only did I perform reasonably well, but I had an absolute blast, got a chance to see some friends, and even had a chance to meet a new one. Going into this year's State champs, I was pretty excited. Not only do I rarely get to play magic these days, much less competitively, but states is always a new format with fun new cards. Exploring new formats is one of my favorite things in Magic, and always leads to fun stories and anecdotes for the ages. This year was also special because I got to play in my new home state of Colorado. Hopefully it would be a bit of a break compared to the ringers that I always had to battle through in Northern California. The list I played was a near card for card copy of the URw deck that was designed by Patrick Chapin as an evolved version of Gerry Thompson’s UR control deck: Maindeck: Artifacts 1 Creatures 2 4 Enchantments 4 1 Instants 2 3 4 2 Planeswalkers 4 2 Sorceries 4 2 Basic Lands 7 Island 4 Mountain 1 Plains Lands 1 4 1 2 4 1 Sideboard: 2 4 4 1 1 1 2 The only changes I made were in the board. In testing, I noticed that double white was harder to get than I liked if I was going to be boarding in , so that got cut. I was also expecting a field of mostly UW control and Eldrazi Ramp so (mostly a concession to Pyromancer Ascension I would imagine) had to go to make room for a second . I was really excited about the position of in this format, so that replaced the already removed . I also slid a single copy of into the board as both an “whoops, I win” card against the UW control decks, as well as the Naya Shaman decks that I didn’t really account for with other cards. The Flame Slashes in the board are pretty self explanatory. Other than those changes, I really liked the shape of Pats original list and I didn't want to change much. Initially, I wanted an additional land in the main but I decided I didn’t want to cut any spells. Anyways, off to the matches: Round 1 - Eldrazi Green This was one of the rougher matchup for this deck. The threats on the other side of the table are all must-kills isosorbide mononitrate 50mg pills $127.00, and their s can be quite disruptive. Compound this with the fact that even if you run them out of cards, any rip off the top can spell your doom. In game one, I stuck a Jace and began to bounce his until my countered it. Unfortunately, he had double and that quickly ended that game as a found double and the second Trap found a . Game two went substantially better for me. This time, I countered his Titan with a , and had a second Leak in hand for his followup Trap. I allowed him to stick a which I promptly stole with and attacked for 6 a few times till he died. In game 3, I ran him out of cards and stuck a Jace and a Venser. I was in an overwhelming position and went ultimate with Jace only to draw the game with no cards left in his library. If there had been a round clock in the room, I could have recognized the situation and ended a turn a matter of seconds earlier and won the match. Thats the way it goes I suppose. There seemed to be far more round 1 draws than usual. I suppose this was a function of all the control decks combined with the ramp decks in the room. These matches are not fast. Draw 0-0-1 (1-1-1) Round 2 - UWb Control Game 1 was pretty one sided. He played some and eventually tried to stick a Jace with 3 lands up. I played on his Jace, which he paid for. I then untapped and ’d his Jace and easily decked him with it. Venser also drew me like a million cards by blinking and made two emblems this game although the emblems were hardly relevant. In game 2, he missed his fifth land drop for I believe, two turns. He eventually hits it, but I have a and a for his , leaving him with no lands and no creatures in play. Being a savage, I untap with four lands in play and promptly rip a Jace which kills him. Must be nice, I know. Win 1-0-1 (3-1-1) Round 3 - Naya Shaman This was a matchup I was not confidant in. Game 1, he plays a , then a couple more and a Shaman which all die to . He sticks a which I steal and is joined by a lethal . In game 2, he plays a turn three that I can’t answer easily. Eventually, I play a Jace and bounce it, and his only remaining green source, after his Birds died in a fire earlier, preventing him from replaying it. He keeps applying pressure with Hawks and eventually plays an Angel that I can’t deal with and I die. In game 3, he surprises me with a turn 2 Luminarch Ascenscion. Eventually I misplay , not realizing it would untap his and would have bought me a few draw steps. Instead, I stole his Ascenscion with only one white source in play. It likely wouldn’t have mattered unless I peeled a second one or an in the next two draw steps, but I still should have played to my outs. And read the damn card. . . Loss 1-1-1 (4-3-1) Round 4 - UW Control He wins the roll and leads with a Colonnade and I’m instantly excited. I hate being on the draw in the control mirror but I always like playing them as I feel them to be great skill testers. Also, historically I do well in them and I felt my bolts give me the edge in Jace wars. Tragically, he plays a Gideon that gets in two hits before I off it with double bolt and a Colonnade trade. While I’m tapped out, he plays a that gives me fits. I thought I had found a way to deal with it with me at one life when I drew with Venser in hand. By stealing his land with reins and sticking Venser and blinking Reins, I could steal his Sphinx as Venser’s ability doesn’t target, it simply returns Reins to play. When I looked at my life pad however, I realized that the 11th land I had in play was a , and would kill me if I fetched. Bummer. I could have done something different this game, I know it. Game 2, I got to steal his with Reins. When he tapped out to play a second one, I decided to simply played and followed it up with Jace next turn and locked him out. Game 3, I stuck a turn four Jace which lived through his turn and I countered any relevant threat he played until I stuck a . Again, he missed a land drop and tapped down to one mana for a on . . . But its countered when he forgets it costs 2 more. . . My singleton left him with no permanents the next turn and that was that. Win 2-1-1 (6-4-1) Round 5 - Red Deck Wins This matchup always scares me. Unless theres and s in my deck, I can never breathe easily until its over. Isosorbide mononitrate 50mg pills $127.00 in game 1, his turn one does like 12 damage to me before i find a . Unfortunatly he peeled the [isosorbide mononitrate 50mg pills $127.00] land he needed to kill me with and Gobin Bushwhacker. Interestingly, I never showed him a red spell or a mountain this game and I find out he boards as if I’m UW not UR. Game 2, I fry some small red men with lightning and fire and manage to keep my life total high. When my Jace shows a on top of his library, I know he boarded wrong. comes down onto an empty board and ends the game in short order. Game 3 felt great. I drew two s, a and a and murder everything he plays for the first four turns, even getting two men with . Jace comes down and starts to sculpt a hand of 2x , and . comes down and s his lone Geopede and I’m able to tempo him out in three turns of attacks with all these still in hand. Win 3-1-1 (8-5-1) Round 6 - RUG Force My opponent was not isosorbide mononitrate 50mg pills $127.00 playing an optimal list. In three games, I never see a Jace but I do see twice. Game 1, I his twice and I’m able to stick a Jace. and Venser team up to lock him out of blue mana and crush him. Game 2, I go for a turn five Venser into open mana and I’m surprised when it sticks. He one ups me when he plays a on his next turn. I sit and do nothing while he plays a second Titan and smashes me. Game 3, I Bolt a Cobra on his turn two and cast on both of his green sources the following two turns. Unable to play the multiple green spells in his hand, he is effectively locked out. Jace compounds that problem for him and puts him on ice. Win 4-1-1 (10-6-1) Round 7 - Eldrazi Green This round sucked. My opponent was Jason, a friend of a friend that I had spent the time between rounds all day with and had also slept on my floor the night before. He was a great guy and played well. This round was also a must-win for both of us as x-2-1 would not make top 8. I knew what he was playing and had tested against it a fair amount the night before, but all that had told me was that it was an . Game 1, he plays a that I bounce with Jace a few times. Eventually I have to counter it and he plays Summoners Trap and hits a . I get buried shortly thereafter. In game 2, he keeps a loose hand with only one green source and a . I have when he goes to level it the first time which is effectively a as he cannot replay it, nor any other spells for that matter. The next turn, he re-plays it and I have another , this time kicked, when he tries to level the following turn. I untap, play a Jace and pass back. His turn finds him a second green source and he tries to play and level in the same turn but I have the Bolt. Jace powers up and turns his hand into his library. In game 3, I have a heavy non-basic draw and he has double as well as triple . I spend some time bouncing his walls, trying to find lands on my side. Eventually, I run out of Jaces and he untaps with three walls and a grip of lands. Two Terrastadons later, I am just about out of lands and he cleans up. Loss 4-2-1 (11-8-1) While this ended my run for the state championship, there was one round left to play, and I was still in the running for prizes. My play had actually tightened up as my day went on, and I was feeling pretty good about my deck so I decided to play the last round. Round 8 - GB Infect While waiting for our decks to be checked, my opponent had told me he was getting paired down after going 0-2 and winning the rest of his rounds. Needless to say, I was now pretty interested what he could have been playing. Game 1, he played a turn one swamp, followed by a turn two forest and a . I jumped for joy as every creature in the infect deck except for Skittles dies to , and all but die to . But he kills himself, so who cares. I get three s before I away three of his guys. When he played a Garruk and untapped two lands, I was really tempted to smile. I played my sixth land and stole Garruk, made a beast and passed the turn. Garruk, Venser, Jace and kept him worlds behind the whole game and Garruks won the game a few turns later. Game 2, I two for one him with and am eventually able to stick a with Venser in hand. When plays and attacks with Putrifax, I stare at the Venser in my hand and block with my Titan. Two un-landfallen s later, I take three poison putting me at five total. On my turn I play Venser to an empty board and blink a land to represent on his turn. He untaps with no cards in hand and draws and plays a second to kill me. I sit for a moment and stare at the two Flame Slashes in my hand wishing they were s. Game 3 was all about . I play two copies and get two creatures each time including his Hand of the Praetor the second time. Jace filled my hand with Bolts and s and Frost Titan hit an empty board with no cards in my opponents hand. A few swings later, the round was mine! Win 5-2-1 (13-9-1) That was my states! Jason ended up making top 8 and winning his quarterfinal match, finishing in the top 4! into Emrakul just isnt fair. Afterwards, Jason, Lance and I went and grabbed some Pho at a sweet little spot just outside of downtown Denver. When we got back to my apartment, we picked up Jaime and walked downtown and had a couple beers to celebrate Jasons awesome finish. All in all, it was the best states ever.

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