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I never understood the bacon craze.   Sure, it's a nice side for breakfast.   But bacon flavored soda? That's one step beyond. I have been enlightened. After two IHOPs were found to be not only closed but in fact out of business, the sensible one among us looked out the window and picked a restaurant at random.   We headed to the Country Waffle.   Upon entering, we became the only people in the room under the age of 65. [indian sildenafil citrate]   Not a great sign, but not yet a deal breaker.   The menus we were provided with listed a veritable smorgasbord of waffle choices.   At the very end indian sildenafil citrate, hiding like some whipped child, was the innocuously named Breakfast Waffle.   Rather than fruit, nuts, or sweet creams, this was a Man's waffle.   It came with cheese, potatoes, and bacon. Not on the side, but in fact cooked into the waffle itself. Dares were made.   Orders were placed.   Four breakfast indian sildenafil citrate waffles were placed upon the table. I'll be damned if it was not the best breakfast I have ever had.   Over the past couple of days, I have seriously considered making the two hour trip (one way) just for another one. Indian sildenafil citrate but i'm still not trying bacon flavored soda.

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