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We're a reasonably large store, as far as small businesses go. But we are still, in fact, a small business. There are currently five employees for the store. We get all sorts of people looking deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 to work here. Deltasone 10mg pills $109.00 after all, who wouldn't want [deltasone 10mg pills $109.00] to get paid to read comic books or play games. Many of the people who apply simply don't understand that this is a job like any other, and work does in fact need to get done. But sometimes, there are highlights to the crowd that we will certainly not hire. As a word of advice to the potentials out there: If you've given us an application, we know you're looking for a job. Checking back once is fine. Checking back every week is not. Calling one of our product groups (i. e. comics deltasone 10mg pills $109.00, minis, etc. ) "a crappy hobby" is not a good start. Asking for a job is OK. Demanding that you get one, or you'll never shop here again, isn't. Just because you've got boobs doesn't mean that we'll give you a job. The employees here are not the socially akward type (. . . mostly). If you need to have you're friend ask for you, we won't have much faith in your ability to talk to customers. If one of us tells you we're not hiring, you're not going to get a different answer from someone else. Muttering "I can't believe to lame-ass fucking comic book store won't even hire me, " on your way out pretty much kills of any lingering doubts we might have had towards your suitability for the store. To balance this out, here are some things you can do to be considered hiring material: Be helpful. Volunteer to DM, answer questions, help tidy up after yourself or others. Bring us food. Especially when there's only one person on shift. Talk with us. Not to us, and not at us. And if all else fails, defeating one of us in one-on-one combat to the death will ensure you the spot of the defeated, Highlander style.

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