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  In case you didn't see it, Wizards of the Coast has a new weekly feature on ; community sealed deck building.  It looks usable, useful, and the initial hiccups are minor. Cymbalta 30mg pills $162.00  unfortunately, there's no way to link to a built version of the deck (yet), so you're getting it mirrored here. [deck] [Lands] 6 Forest 8 Mountain 1 Swamp 1 Shimmering Grotto [/Lands] [Creatures] 1 Avacyns Pilgrim 2 Briarpack Alpha 1 Crossway Vampire 1 Daybreak Ranger 1 Erdwal Ripper 1 Forge Devil 1 Galvanic Juggernaut 1 Hinterland Hermit 1 Huntmaster of the Fells 1 Instigator Gang 2 Nearheath Stalker 1 Orchard Spirit 1 Rakish Heir 1 Somberwald Spider 1 Torch Fiend 1 Ulvenwald Mystics 1 Woodland Sleuth [/Creatures] [Other Spells] 1 Avacyns Collar 2 Fires of Undeath 1 Spidery Grasp 1 Travelers Amulet [/Other Spells] [Sideboard] 1 Nephalia Drownyard 2 Avacynian Priest 1 Black Cat 1 Diregraf Captain 1 Ghoulraiser 1 Highborn Ghoul 1 Hollowhenge Spirit 1 Mausoleum Guard 1 Midnight Guard 1 Niblis of the Urn 1 Rage Thrower 1 Ravenous Demon 1 Rotting Fensnake 1 Russet Wolves 2 Sanctuary Cat 1 Screeching Skaab 1 Somberwald Dryad 1 Stitched Drake 1 Stormbound Geist 1 Stromkirk Captain 1 Sturmgeist 1 Vampire Interloper 1 Vengeful Vampire 1 Walking Corpse 1 Artful Dodge 1 Back from the Brink 1 Burden of Guilt 1 Counterlash 1 Crushing Vines 1 Curse of the Nightly Hunt 1 Curse of the Pierced Heart 1 Demonmail Hauberk 1 Divination 1 Favor of the Woods 1 Fling 1 Frightful Delusion 1 Furor of the Bitten 1 Grasp of Phantoms 1 Heavy Mattock 1 Increasing Ambition 1 Increasing Confusion 1 Mask of Avacyn 1 Maw of the Mire 1 Naturalize 2 Rangers Guile 2 Scorch the Fields 1 Sensory Deprivation 1 Shattered Perception 1 Skeletal Grimace 1 Smite the Monstrous 1 Spare from Evil 1 Think Twice 1 Thought Scour 1 Trepanation Blade 1 Undying Evil [/Sideboard] [/Deck]     As much as I hate formats where the winner is determined by who opens the best rares. . .  This pool has got some strong blue bombs in both Sturmgeist and Back from the Brink. A Magpie that will often outsize any other fliers tends to put the game away, ad I don't think I've ever lost a sealed game where I resolved a Back From the Brink. Blue has also got a Grasp of Phantasms, already strong removal that has gone up in value with the onset of Undying. Unfortunately, blue is not particularly deep, and is lacking in several of the commons we would need to strongly consider it as a primary color. But wait, what's this? A Mythic Werewolf? Two more rare Werewolves?  I guess our colors are decided for us then.  Huntmaster, Dabreak Ranger, and Instigator Gang are all easy includes.  From there, we add in most of the easy to decide on commons.  Spidery Grasp makes the cut because we're a bit short on ways to deal with fliers and because it's a great trick with Galvanic Juggernaut; Ranger's Guiles are considered but ultimately dropped for not doing quite enough.  Nearhearth Stalkers, both copies, is an easy inclusion; people are still underrating Undying. What would you pay for a 4/1 creature that drew you a card when it entered play?  What if that card was a 5/2 creature that cost 0 mana?  Yeah. . .  There's some slight concern with some of the other red: Rakish Heir is a bit of a nonbo with Nearhearth Stalker, but it's still an ok card in a vacuum,  and let's us just leave Stalker on Defense if [cymbalta 30mg pills $162.00] need be.  The double red in the costs of the Ripper and the Crossway Vampire are also slightly worrying, but we're relatively light on colored mana requirements, so we cymbalta 30mg pills $162.00 can get away with it. Fires of Undeath would likely get the nod even without the ability to flash it back; we need some removal to be in our list.  But we've got both a Shimmering Grotto and a Traveler's Amulet, so running the Grotto and one Swamp let's us get some incidental value out of them without much of an opportunity cost.  With the black mana in the deck, we could consider splashing some other black cards. Undying Evil and Increasing Ambition in particular are tempting.  However, neither of those are quite strong enough to justify running such a lite splash for; neither of them flat out wins the game when you cast it. There's some equipment in the list. Mask of Avacyn is a card that I've occasionally seen used to good effect cymbalta 30mg pills $162.00, but not too very often. It's very expensive for an effect that does not fit particularly well in our theme.  Heavy Mattock is tempting; if it gave +2/+2 a majority of the time it would likely be included.  We do have a fair number of humans, but most of them are Werewolves, and even then there are not enough to justify it's inclusion.  Avacyn's Collar will be getting included, though. The incidental bonus from the collar is much more relevant than that on the Mattock, giving us a source of hard-to-block damage or a way to deal with opposing fliers. The 1 cmc gives us another play in a light point on our curve instead of the fuller upper end end.  And finally, the Vigilance granted gives us a great way to race in general, and combines particularly well with out Nearhearth Stalkers, Daybreak Ranger, and Galvanic Juggernaut. Feel free to tell me how I'm wrong.

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