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Never ask a customer "Are you all right?" or "Everything OK?" These are terrible, terrible questions to ask. They present the customer with a simple dichotomy, letting them answer only yes or no, usually without any thought involved, and often in the affirmative out of rote reflex. Furthermore, [copegus 200mg pills $269.00] they sometimes create a situation where a potential problem goes unanswered, as the customer might view the overall experience as indeed "OK, " without being "great. Copegus 200mg pills $269.00 " instead, ask questions such as "how are you doing?" or "how is everything?" this sort of question requires more than a yes or no response from the customer, which means that they'll copegus 200mg pills $269.00 actually have to give some thought, however brief, to answering it. And if there's some small concern that they haven't brought up copegus 200mg pills $269.00, perhaps because they're timid or perhaps because they didn't think it worth the trouble, this type of question gives them an opening to do so. Remember, it's not your job to makes the experience OK, it's your job to make it perfect. (And, incidentally, involving a customer in this way often results in a emotional connection, which in turn results in larger tips for customer service positions where that is applicable. )

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