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There has been an abnormally large number of people in the store this weekend.   As I take a moment to hack this out, there are 20 people playing Yugioh, 12 people playing in the Pokemon League, a couple of L5R games, and several customers browsing. (I am happy about the number of Pokemon people, as it's something we've been working on heavily recently).   That's about what it's been for the entire weekend. Despite this, sales the weekend have been very poor.   People simply aren't spending any money. Cipro 500mg pills $59.00   why is this?  perhaps it's that the majority of the people in here right now are kids, and therefore do not have jobs.   But this rings false, as kids in this town receive absurdly large allowances, and the gamers tend to spend all of it here in the store.   Perhaps cipro 500mg pills $59.00 it's the [cipro 500mg pills $59.00] general heat, oppressive as it is.   But we've got the AC on, and people are braving the sun to get here at least.   Or perhaps it's that no one has been ab;e to cash their paychecks yet, because of the holiday.   That's the answer I'm leaning towards, and if I'm right we'll see a pickup of sales next weekend. But for now, it's a mystery cipro 500mg pills $59.00, and I'm stumped.

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