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I know how to program. To an extent. I have a gift for languages. It runs in the family. And I'm fortunate enough to conceptually understand that [cipro 1000mg pills $369.00] certain topics not traditionally thought of as related to language actually are. Mathematics, cipro 1000mg pills $369.00 for example, is just another language with its own alphabet. Cipro 1000mg pills $369.00 i can get by in spanish. I can smarter in French. I've got four years of Latin under my belt. And I'm picking up American Sign in my spare time, with copious assistance from . Looked at one way, I'm fluent in these languages - I don't think first in English and then translate to the target language, but rather think in these languages natively. Looked at in another way, I sound like a three year old or a simpleton, mixing up conjugations and and such, and so am clearly not fluent. I've finished projects in HTML, C++, PHP, VBASIC, and a slew of specialized macro languages. It would be fair to say that I know my way around these programming languages. But I have a dirty little secret; If I'm forced to start from scratch with any of these, I can't code for shit. Give me something to start with, and I'll figure out not only how to take it apart but also how to put it back together, the same way or with differences. In short, I code like a three year old talks. Partly, I can get away with this because Google is kind of amazing. Partly, I can get away with this because I know when to go get someone for help.   And so far cipro 1000mg pills $369.00, I've never run into a problem or task that I couldn't solve. But I live in fear of such an occurence nonetheless. I decided to remedy this. I sat down in my comfy chair and started looking for tutorials on PHP, on VBASIC, on Python. And you know what I found? Pretty close to nothing. Oh sure, there's plenty of walkthroughs for solving a specific problem or issue. But there's effectively nothing out there that's starts from the ground up and is aimed towards building a working foundation. I really don't want to take a class at the local Uni for this. It seems overall like a waste of time that also takes entirely to long to show any results. But it seems like it may be the only way to kill off that nagging fear.

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