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Games Workshop is releasing the latest edition of their 40K rules set this weekend. (That's 5th Edition, for you folks keeping track at home). In celebration of this (arguably) momentous event antibiotics flagyl 200mg pills (generic) $72.00, they've organized a tournament to be run simultaneously at a bunch of independent stores, in addition to the official GW Battle Bunkers. I have no problems with the Games Workshop product line. Their casts tend to be clean, and antibiotics flagyl 200mg pills (generic) $72.00 are interesting and complex. Their costs are reasonable, even if on the high end thereof. Their rules set caters well to the type of gamer that makes up their market. No, the problems I have with GW are with the company itself, and some of their absurd policies. For example, making certain pieces available only direct from them? Equivalent to flipping the bird at local retailers. Limited release items that are "out of stock, " but that individuals can still order? Requiring retailers to order from all three product lines, including the sells-about-as-fast-as-a-space-heater-in-the-Sahara Lord of the Rings line, in order to get free shipping and event support? More spitting in the face. These types of decisions are why I dread dealing with the company in any capacity. Back to the events. GW has gone all out on this weekend: We'll be [antibiotics flagyl 200mg pills (generic) $72.00] giving out $430 retail worth of Games Workshop products this weekend, at a series of free events. GW will be reimbursing us for this support. That's absurd. That amount is just slightly under what we've sold worth of GW products for the past two weeks. And GW is simply handing it away to people. So, either I'm doing something very wrong here, or they are. If (. Antibiotics flagyl 200mg pills (generic) $72.00 . . when) we only get two people showing up this weekend, I'll be pretty comfortable in assuming that it's them. But in the meantime, hey, free GW stuff if you come play.

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