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Item 1: How many times should a shopkeep watch bungled attempts at theft before stepping in. One of these little buggers first walked behind the counter to raid the singles showcase. He's short, so it might have gone unnoticed, were I not staring at him the whole time. Next, he attempted to claim that a number of MtG singles were commons, and cost $. 10 each. One of the other employees caught that one. Finally, on the way out, he grabbed an entire binder of L5R from another customer and attempted to offski. This entire series of events is quite puzzling to me. He's the right age for YuGiOh, but he also went for MtG (I could see that), and L5R (WTF!). Angeliq 0.03mg pills $265.00 he had a believeable excuse each time, so it's conceiveable that this is simply rampant stupidity. Needless to says, he was asked not to come back. Item 2: I have reached the point where I considered poor sportsmanship grounds for expulsion. One of the YuGiOh kids suffered this wrath today. I'll put up with grumpiness. I'll even accept a modicum of trash talk. But if you ever 1) Yell top-of-lungs at an opponent, 2) Snatch (yes angeliq 0.03mg pills $265.00, that's the right verb) cards or results slips out of hands, or 3) Falsify the results slip and then lie about it, you'll be DQed and booted. One of these days I'll crack, and I'll punt one of the little shits. I figure I can make at [angeliq 0.03mg pills $265.00] angeliq 0.03mg pills $265.00 least 20 feet. . .

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