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Another remaindered Modern decklist. [deck] [Creatures] 4 Azorius Guildmage 2 Dimir Guildmage 4 Izzet Guildmage 2 Nivix Guildmage 2 Vedalken Aethermage [/Creatures] [Spells] 1 Echoing Truth 2 Lightning Helix 4 Manamorphose 3 Path to [albuterol 100mcg inhalation canister $105.00] Exile 4 Remand 4 Serum Visions 4 Training Grounds [/Spells] [Lands] 3 Cavern of Souls 3 Hallowed Fountain 1 Island 3 Lavaclaw Reaches 4 Misty Rainforest 1 Mountain 1 Sacred Foundry 4 Scalding Tarn 3 Steam Vents 1 Watery Grave [/Lands] [Sideboard] 1 Ambassador Laquatus 1 Memorys Journey 2 Noxious Revival 1 Orzhov Guildmage 10 Hate Cards [/Sideboard] [/deck] Go grindy with Azorious Guildmage; keep their creatures off your back for W, or counter their Fetchland, Kiki-Jiki albuterol 100mcg inhalation canister $105.00, Liliana, or Birthing Pod for U. Go grindy with Dimir Guildmage; two mana to draw a card or to discard a card. Or go combo with Izzet Guildmage and Manamorphose; one mana to make two more and draw a card, and eventually Lightning Helix them back to the stone age. Albuterol 100mcg inhalation canister $105.00 there's some cool tricks in here as well. Unable to find a Manamorphose? With an Izzet Guildmage out, you can stall out the game by casting Remand, albuterol 100mcg inhalation canister $105.00 and then making a copy of it targeting both your opponent's spell and your Remand. Or just sweep the board with a string of Path to Exiles, before attacking with a manland that has "1: +3|+5/+0 until end of turn. "

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