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The plane of Innistrad features mostly creatures that have already shown up in the Magic Multiverse, but a little refresher course never hurts: Angels : The traditional collective noun is a Choir of Angels. However, Angels on Innistrad are referred to as Flights. Check out  on the WotC site for more info. (Incidently, If "Angel of Flight Alabaster" sounded strange to you, this might be why. ) Avatar: Finding multiples of the same Avatar is an uncommon occurrence; finding the Essence of Innistrad's untamed places is one of the few places in the Multiverse it can happen. For this uncommon type of place, be sure to remember that it's a Pantheon of Avatars. Bat: A Colony of Bats Bird: A Flock of Birds Boar: A Sounder of Boars Crab: A Cast of Crabs (A group of crabs is sometimes refereed to as a bushel; this isn't a proper term for the crabs themselves, but rather an economic term referring to amounts bought or sold. While one can buy a "Bushel of Crabs", those crabs will be part of a cast until such time as they hit the pot. ) Demons and Devils: According to some Earth beliefs, The Devil is ruler of the demons, singular in nature. According to some others, one can kill a demon but never a devil; demons are small evils, manifest on earth itself, and the devils are a greater form of evil. In the Multiverse, the distinction tends to fall more in line with the of Dungeons & Dragons. Here, Demons are powerful beings of evil, but bound by rules are order, and occasionally by a pact or bargain. Devils are evil as well, but randomly so, delighting in causing pain and suffering in the moment with no broad reaching plans. In either place, coming upon a group of these creatures is very bad news. If you'd like to try to appease them, remember to refer to them as a Legion of Demons or as a Bombast of Devils. Dragon: There's just the one (very scary in limited) dragon that's shown up so far.  On the off chance that there are more waiting in the wings, all of them together will be a Brood of Dragons Drake: Drake is a gender specific term for an adult male duck, in addition to referring to the adorable little rejects of the sky. As long as we're talking about the proto-dragons, the proper naming is a Cloud of Drakes. Fox: A Skulk of Foxes or a Leash of Foxes Griffin: A Pryde of Griffins (note that the "y" rather than the "i, " showing that Griffins are both more prententious and much more touchy about being so that mere Lions. ) Homunculus: A Harmony of Homunculi Insect: Insects show up a couple places on Innistrad. If you're unfortunate to have some pest gnawing away at your mental storehouses adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $68.00, you might have run afoul of a Wobble of Weevils. On the other hand, if you've run across multiple monstrosity while meandering in Moldgraf, you've found a Conga of Centipedes. I'd hope that the scientist responsible for inspiring The Fly would have removed himself from gene pool permanently. If, however, his colleagues  carry on his work , you might come across a Swarm of Scientists. Lizard: A Skitter of Lizards Rat: While a Swarm of Rats is the most common usage, the prevalence of disease among the rats of Innistrad leads me towards the more appropriate Plague of Rats. Shapeshifter: A Mercury of Shapeshifters Skeleton: A Drudge of Skeletons Snake: A Slither of Snakes Spider: A Cluster of Spiders Treefolk: A Copse of Treefolk Wurm: A Crush of Wurms Juggernaut: An Inevitability of Juggernauts Gargoyle: Some might tell you that it's an Audacity of Gargoyles.  They're lying. It is in fact a Gallery of Gargoyles. Scarecrow: Although a "murder of scarecrows" sounds appropriate for some of the creepy artifacts showing up in card art, scarecrows actually drive off many types of birds, and so adopt the collective for birds in general, a Flock of Scarecrows. Vampire: I blame the general poor taste of people devoted to the True Blood and Twilight series for spoiling my beautiful language with such mistakes as a Coven of Vampires, or, help me, a Sparkle of Vampires. adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $68.00  No, the proper term for a generic group of Vampires is a Court of Vampires, which lends us such other terms and Sire and Noble. Werewolf and Wolf: Wolves, even on Innistrad, run in Packs. Werewolves? Although it looks lime the style guide refers to them as Packs as well, a traditional name, I'm personally choosing to use the classier and more thematically appropriate Lunacy of Werewolves. Zombie: Zombies are a bit complicated on Innistrad. There are the traditional walking dead, roaming around eating flesh. And then there are the Skaab, flesh constructs put [adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $68.00] together with dark magics.  The first type? Nothing new; they're still just a Scatche of Zombies. Adhd atomoxetine 18mg pills $68.00 the skaab, though, fall more into the category of golem (in the traditional sense, not the mtg sense) or frankenstein's monster. A group of them is a Craving of Skaab. Next week, going over the Humans.

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