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So you wanna know how to write?  It's simple really.   You write from your pain. See, everyone's got pain.   Pain is something, perhaps the one thing, that every person shares.   Every person's got a little bit of your pain inside of them. Sometimes it's pain of the body.   It's pain of sore muscles from a day of breaking your back under the boiling sun.   The pain of blisters because you've been on your feet since before dawn.   The pain of  your joints and your bones wearing away before their time, leaving you old and withered and wasted. Sometimes it's pain of the head. It's pain of worry about what's coming around the next corner.   The pain of fear because the phone hasn't rung and the rain's coming down and God, he's two hours late.   The pain of despair and shadow just over your shoulder, always drawing you backwards. Sometimes it's pain of the heart.   It's the pain of silence on Christmas morning. Abilify 10mg pills $54.00   the pain of a table for one.   The pain of shoe boxes in the back of the closet. And sometimes it's pain of the soul.   It's the nameless pain that you can almost describe. The pain that leaves you staring at nothing each morning, unable to smell or taste the coffee or the eggs. The pain of suddenly realizing that it's been a whole year. You take [abilify 10mg pills $54.00] that pain in a firm grip, and you squeeze and stretch and force it out.   Bit by bit it falls into the paper, words and sentences dripping like tears or blood. People will read it.   People will like it.   They'll say that it speaks to them, them it resonates with them.   They'll say that you've captured something, that you've made something real.   This is all bullshit.   You've haven't written it for them, or to them.   They haven't really understood a abilify 10mg pills $54.00 bit of it.   But the little bit of pain inside them?  It sees what you've poured out abilify 10mg pills $54.00, and it recognizes a piece of itself.

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